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Russia has invaded Ukraine – the Shield of Europe. As we are protecting the World against the tyranny, it’s high time to demonstrate your support of peace and democracy in Ukraine and around the world. 


On February 24th, 2022, Russia began a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. This is the big war in Europe. Putin is using aviation, artillery, and missiles. Cities are being bombed with battles happening across the country.

8 years ago, Russia annexed the Ukrainian territory of Crimea and invaded the Donbas region of Ukraine, and has since intensified efforts to destabilize Ukraine​.​

Russia will keep on going until stopped by a substantial military resistance.

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What’s Happening In Ukraine:

«Ukrainian Military Center» Public Organization

Why This Matters to You:

Ukraine is the Shield of Europe. We are convinced that threat to freedom anywhere means threat to freedom all around the world. 

We protect the values shared with Europe and rest of the World. We do everything possible to prevent putinist values spreading around the world even beyond our borders. Our Army is strong and determined but it lacks necessary equipment. 

Our Organization needs your support. We use the funds donated to cover Ukraine’s needs in real time.

Who We Are

Launched in 2014, Come Back Alive became the biggest organization providing support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 


Over USD 20 mln donations from 50 countries were received.


Around 100 military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine supported.


Full transparency and open financial reporting. The foundation has open reporting.


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Director. Veteran of  the Russian-Ukrainian war, marine, analyst, founder of the «Ukrainian Military Center».

Head of the Military Department. Veteran of  the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Head Of Partnerships. Veteran of  the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Head Of Veterans Department. Veteran of  the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Head of the Analytical Department.

Head of the Communications Department.

Creative Director.

Head of the Financial Department.

Operational manager.

How Come Back Alive Helps

Our fund supports the Armed Forces of Ukraine through financing purely defence initiatives. Since 2014 we have provided around 1000 thermal imagers and over 250 UAVs. In addition to the material support, we increased technological capabilities of the Army through providing 1,500 tablets with Armor software aimed at stopping the artillery. Come Back Alive also organizes trainings to equip our military with crucial skills. In 2015 we launched trainings for medical workers, artillerists, snipers, minesweepers, and defence analysts. After coming back from the front line, our military members have access to sport rehabilitation and veteran business opportunities. 

Our organization does not use funds for purchasing arms. Our mission is limited to supplying technology, trainings, and accouterments to help save lives of Ukrainians and help our warriors defend Ukraine.

Frequently Asked Questions

The war is already there, is it too late to help?

No, not at all. Ukrainian Army is doing its best to fight the enemy but they need your support. New requests come in every minute. Every dollar matter.

I don’t want to give money to a war. How could I help?

We fully appreciate your position. Our organization is aimed at saving lives, not putting them in danger. We help provide the Ukrainian army with laptops, lights, photo equipment, cables, and maintenance thereof. Our funds and resources are aimed at the Ukrainian servicemen and women in need of medical assistance or rehabilitation. By donating, you contribute to saving their lives. 

Is your organization transparent? Can I see where my funds were used?

Our financial reporting is fully transparent. We at Come Back Alive are proud of our mission and values. You can check our reporting at the website. 

How are you going to use my donation? I am against funding bombs and arms. 

No, we do not spend our funds to purchase lethal equipment. We support purely defence strategies, including medical assistance, accoutrements, and defence analysis.

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«Ukrainian Military Center» Public Organization

Ukraine needs your support. Any donation you provide helps save Ukraine and Ukrainians. 

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